March 2015

The Voice of the Lord

Monday, 30 March 2015 00:00

I moved to Clarksdale seven years ago. My mother lives here, but I grew up in Kansas City and was still livin' there. I'm a preacher, and one day, I was walking down the street.
    I heard the voice of The Lord.
    I heard it in my chest, but it was his actual voice, just like you and I are speakin' right now. He told me that I was to move here to Clarksdale. I remember thinkin' that I didn't want to move, and so I said to The Lord, 'why are you tellin' me to do this?' The Lord then said to me that every time I had asked him for somethin', he had given it to me. Now it was my turn to give something back to him.

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