The Voice of the Lord

Monday, 30 March 2015 00:00

I moved to Clarksdale seven years ago. My mother lives here, but I grew up in Kansas City and was still livin' there. I'm a preacher, and one day, I was walking down the street.
    I heard the voice of The Lord.
    I heard it in my chest, but it was his actual voice, just like you and I are speakin' right now. He told me that I was to move here to Clarksdale. I remember thinkin' that I didn't want to move, and so I said to The Lord, 'why are you tellin' me to do this?' The Lord then said to me that every time I had asked him for somethin', he had given it to me. Now it was my turn to give something back to him.

    So for the first two years, I hated it here. I missed...I guess you might say, the 'amenities' of Kansas City. But I didn't have the money to move back, 'cause there's hardly any jobs around here, and even if a fella' finds a job, it don't pay so good.
I finally did find a job at the library, but I had to walk to and from work, 'cause I couldn't afford a car, and around here, there ain't no buses or nothin' like that. I didn't have but one pair of shoes--they was old tennis shoes, an' pretty soon, what with all that walking, they began to wear out and got holes in them.
So, one day I get offa' work, an' I'm walking home, an' it goes to rainin', real hard. Pretty soon, my shoes starts to fill up with water. I was so discouraged--nothin' was goin' right, my feet we're gettin' wet, and I still had a long way to go.
    I began to cry.
    And right then's when I heard the voice of The Lord again, comin' out of my chest again. This time, he said 'Learn from this! This is what it's like to have no shoes.
    Now that is the reason I sent you here. That is the lesson you are supposed to learn.'
    Now, I guess deep down inside, every man wants to be rich, wants to live in a mansion. But The Lord wanted me to learn about how other people suffer, how other people feel.
So since all that happened, I like it here in Clarksdale just fine. And every day I open my eyes in the mornin', I give thanks to The Lord that he has given me another day."


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